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Lightening your load with TalkingPoints and Tarjimly

Written by Paige DeLozier in association with Sara Haj-Hassan of Tarjimly “My plate is too full.” “I am wearing so many hats this year.” I have lost count of how […]

The Link Between Student Behavior and Family Engagement

by Heather Dooley  While schools have resumed a level of normalcy post-COVID, the impact distance learning had on student behavior persists. At the start of the 2023-24 school year, educators […]

Family Engagement & Bullying Prevention

Using TalkingPoints to Connect, Model, and Promote Awareness by Paige DeLozier With grades due and the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to understand why educators and families are so busy […]

TalkingPoints Uses AI to Analyze 40 Million Family-School Messages

Data reveals patterns that can inform recommendations to strengthen relationships between educators and families.    San Francisco, California, October 3, 2023 — TalkingPoints, an education technology nonprofit that improves student […]

We Used AI to Analyze 40 Million Family-School Messages. Here’s What We Found.

by Leah Walker and Adrienne Luczkow    Decades of research have highlighted the importance of family engagement with schools.1,2 The research suggests that the reason that family engagement works to improve […]

4 themes we heard at the U.N. General Assembly Convening on AI

by Tyson Jurgens  On September 18, 2023, TalkingPoints had the privilege of attending and presenting at a special convening as part of the United National General Assembly titled Artificial Intelligence […]

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