Connect with teachers, be involved!

Messages from your child’s teacher

All you need is a mobile phone or a mobile app.

In your language

Receive updates in your own language (and English), and reply back in your own language.

Free for you to use

No charge from TalkingPoints*, whether on text messages or mobile app.

What families say about TalkingPoints

"It really helps to make our conversations more meaningful and not just directive on our part as parents."
TalkingPoints Parent ​
"Me gusta mucho TalkingPoints porque podemos saber todo lo que pasa en la clase. Me gusta tener la comunicación de text message. Es muy simple y fácil."

"I really like TalkingPoints, because I can know everything that happens in the class. I really like having text message communication. It is very simple and easy."
Spanish-speaking Parent
"I believe he likes discussing school work with me/his dad. We can be more involved despite not being able to help out at school."
TalkingPoints Parent

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