TalkingPoints is an allowable use of stimulus funds! Invest in family engagement to support student learning loss recovery. Learn how


TalkingPoints’ model is based on decades of family engagement research, and draws heavily on research-driven practices to develop our product. We are also committed to adding to this body of evidence.

Family Engagement, COVID-19, and Distance Learning

In June 2020, TalkingPoints surveyed 1000+ families and teachers to better understand the impact of school closures on family engagement and home-school connections during COVID-19 distance learning. Our key findings showed that…

WestEd research study

Strong parent-teacher partnerships are key to supporting students’ success in the classroom. When teachers and parents are in regular communication about students’ needs, progress and successes, students feel supported, motivated to try their best and do significantly better in school...

Ongoing research partnerships

TalkingPoints is partnering with University of Chicago and MIT's J-PAL to evaluate its impact on family engagement in elementary schools.

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Research studies on family engagement

Here’s what the research says about the impact family engagement has on students’ success

Research studies

Partners in Education: A dual capacity-building framework for family-school partnerships

Research shows that initiatives that take on a partnership orientation—in which stude...

What research says about parent involvement in children’s education in relation to academic achievement

Parent engagement can be 2x effective as predicting a student’s academic success as...

A new wave of evidence: The impact of school, family, and community connections on student achievement

Students feel supported and motivated to do well in school when teachers and parents...

Community Schools As An Effective School Improvement Strategy: A Review Of The Evidence

Family and community engagement is one of the main pillars of community schools that...

Diversity: School, Family & Community Connections

When parents work with their children at home and talk about school, it has positive effects on student achievement, attendanc...

Assessing The Effects Of Parent Involvement Interventions On Elementary School Student Achievement

Thoughts of the Napa Valley often bring to mind a place of wealth and beauty that...

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