About Us

TalkingPoints is an education technology nonprofit with a mission to drive student success by using accessible technology to unlock the potential of family engagement in children’s education.
Our multilingual technology platform connects and empowers families and teachers by using human and AI-powered, two-way translated communication and personalized content. This unique approach eliminates barriers including language, time, mindsets, and capacity to foster strong family engagement in development of students’ academic success.

Our story

Heejae founded TalkingPoints based on her personal experience growing up as a Korean immigrant student and seeing her mother make a difference in her education because she had the ‘voice’ to do so. Because of this, Heejae realized three things.

First, that her story was not unique. There are 40 million students here, growing up in underserved and immigrant communities.

Second, that her experience was a data point that is supported by academic research. Children spend most of their time outside of school, and research shows that the influence of families on their children’s learning depends on much more than their financial wealth.

Third, that there are real challenges when it comes to supporting your child’s education if you’re an immigrant family – challenges that can include working multiple jobs to put food on the table, speaking limited English, and feeling overwhelmed by the US school system.

Most importantly, every parent’s love for their children is universal. The difference between Heejae’s mother and her friends’ parents wasn’t love, but the skills and tools to support them.

Our vision

We want every child to have the support needed to learn, grow and succeed.

We want every family member to be empowered to be partners in their children’s education.

We want teachers and schools to be successful in supporting families.

Our history


Why is TalkingPoints a nonprofit?

This is a question we are often asked. Being a nonprofit organization lets us prioritize impact – and student outcomes – over profit. It lets us stay laser-focused on building a product that empowers teachers and families to help their students succeed, especially in under-resourced, multilingual communities.

Being a nonprofit allows us to invest in high-impact initiatives that may require significant resources and time. For example, our commitment to continuously improving the quality of translation for the family engagement context requires a sustained, high level of investment. We are committed to this investment because we believe education-specific translation is critical to supporting effective family-school partnerships. As a nonprofit, we draw on research-based practices and evidence to continuously innovate and improve our model without prioritizing shareholder returns. Our funders invest in impact, and so do we. Research-based innovation takes time, focus and effort, which we’re able to prioritize given the support of our not-for-profit framework. Being a nonprofit also means we can make our platform free to educators and subsidize the cost to schools and districts who may need TalkingPoints the most. Our focus is to grow our organization in a way that supports sustainability while maximizing impact.