Privacy & Security

Educators and families trust TalkingPoints with important and sensitive information. Below is documentation that outlines our data privacy and security practices:

Privacy & Security

Our Commitments

Will TalkingPoints share any of the personal information it receives?

We will never sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We only sell products to schools and districts for optional features to upgrade from our free product. We do not make revenue through selling data ever.

Will TalkingPoints advertise in products or use my data in any commercial way?

TalkingPoints will not make revenue through advertising in our applications nor would we ever use your data for any commercial purposes. Advertising does not support our core mission.

Who owns the content sent in the TalkingPoints applications?

Schools, teachers, and families own the content that they send to each other through the TalkingPoints service. TalkingPoints owns any pre-populated content not added by external users. As a TalkingPoints account holder, you have access to view and update the following information:
• Information in your user account
• User preferences
• Messages in your account
This list may change as product features change.* You can delete your account at any time.

What does TalkingPoints do to keep data private and secure?

We use the latest industry best practices to protect you. This includes: providing secure communication with our servers at all times, encrypting journal content at rest, enforcing password policies, and restricting data access.

Are users notified of privacy policy changes?

Yes, if anything substantial were to change with our privacy policies, we would let you know. The privacy policy and terms you agreed will still apply unless you accept new terms.

Is TalkingPoints compliant with important laws?

Yes, TalkingPoints is fully compliant with FERPA and MFIPPA. Our product is not applicable for COPPA as our product does not require participation from children under 13. We are also exempt from CCPA as a nonprofit.

How will the data on TalkingPoints be used and how will it not be used?

Your personal data will be stored in our encrypted servers. It will not be shared or sold to external parties outside of TalkingPoints.

Is my data encrypted? What other security measures are in place?

Yes, your data is encrypted. TalkingPoints has strict data protection that only grants data access to designated users within the organization.

Who owns the data?

Any content created, messaged or sent in TalkingPoints application by users (teachers, parents, families, school administrators), is owned by the user. Any content created and sent by TalkingPoints is owned by TalkingPoints.

What are your procedures in the event of a security breach?

If we learn of a security breach, TalkingPoints will notify affected users as required by applicable laws and may post a notice on our services as required by applicable laws. We will then investigate the breach and make any necessary technical enhancements to resolve the security vulnerability. More specifics regarding compliance with state-specific laws are in TalkingPoints Data Privacy & Security Standard Contract Terms.

Can I request my personal data? Can I request deletion of my personal data? What is your process for such a request?

Yes, you can email to request your personal data and request the deletion of your data.

If you have further questions about our data privacy policies, please contact:

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