Cincinnati Public Schools Uses TalkingPoints To Ensure An Inclusive Learning Environment

Ohio’s fastest-growing, large-city district ensures equitable access for all families

In Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio’s fastest-growing, large-city district, enrollment has grown more than 20 percent since 2012-2013. CPS is Greater Cincinnati’s largest and Ohio’s second-largest school district, serving about 36,000 students (preschool to 12th grade) in 65 schools across a 91-square-mile district in southwest Ohio.


“It’s just an easy app.” CPS staff share how they use TalkingPoints to build an inclusive learning environment

CPS uses TalkingPoints’ universal family engagement platform to provide equitable access and an inclusive learning environment for all students and families. In addition, the district made a short testimonial video for sharing with teachers and staff who were just starting to use TalkingPoints. In it, Academy of World Languages staff share the tips, tricks, and perspectives they’ve learned from using TalkingPoints for over two years.


For a three-minute dose of inspiration, watch the video below. (We couldn’t say it better ourselves!)


Highlights from the video:

Great for English and non-English-speaking families

“For the English speakers, this is great. It’s just an easy app. For the non-English speakers, this has been such an easy tool.  – Jacquelyn Rowedder, Principal

Share real-time updates, like bus schedule changes

“Those little things that would take forever and are very important, like if the bus is leaving late… we can let parents know. So with one message, I empower the parents and all the caregivers involved with that one student.” – Ciara Harper, Enrichment Program Manager

Support student attendance

“Any social worker or anyone that is upholding the (Ohio General Assembly) House Bill 410 truancy law absolutely needs to use TalkingPoints. Without question, this app needs to be the primary focus of communication. It’s just too easy not to use it.” Sophia Segev, Social Worker 







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