About TalkingPoints

TalkingPoints is an award-winning education technology non-profit organization whose mission is to empower low-income, underserved families to support their children’s learning by partnering with their children’s schools. The COVID-19 remote learning environment has made our mission ever more urgent and important. We’re building a one-of-a-kind product in the market, a multilingual family engagement platform that connects families and teachers using human and artificial intelligence powered, two-way translated messages and personalized supports — eliminating language, time limitations, and know-how as barriers to school/family connection.

Millions of teachers and families are using TalkingPoints in their classrooms and schools and districts across the U.S. TalkingPoints works with key school district partners such as Oakland Unified, Wake County and NYC DOE. We have won awards from NYU, MIT,, Ashoka, Forbes and are backed by, AT&T, Carnegie Corporation, Schmidt Futures, Stanford University and NewSchools Venture Fund, to name a few. Most recently we were named an evidence-based learning platform to support by MIT’s J-Pal, and our research partners include the University of Chicago and MIT. Learn more.

The Opportunity

As a translator, you’ll have the unique opportunity to help over a million families and teachers communicate effectively through the TalkingPoints platform! You’ll use the TalkingPoints mobile app and/or website to fulfill translation requests within translation time requirements, typically 15 minutes.


  1. Fulfill translation requests
  2. Ability to accurately and efficiently translate order requests within the required timeframe.
  3. Availability from time-to-time to fulfill requests from the TalkingPoints team to update articles, apps, website, or other materials.
  4. Use of technology
  5. All consultants use their own laptops and mobile devices to fulfill translation requests

Who you are: The ideal candidate will have most or all of the following:

  • Fluent in written language in both English and the translated language(s). 
  • Training and/or previous experience as a translator.
  • Ability to meet/exceed qualification testing criteria that assesses written translation capability.
  • Experience with/understanding of U.S. education system
  • Able to be responsive and reliable in fulfilling translations requests within TalkingPoints quality and timing requirements; + have availability during US business hours (8am Eastern – 6pm Pacific)
  • Comfortable with using technology (web browser and mobile app) for translation
  • Able to work remotely – all translations will be done through web and mobile applications
  • Nice to have – connection to TalkingPoints schools/communities

Translator roles at TalkingPoints are part-time, flexible, contract positions.

How to apply

Please fill out this Google Form and if there’s a fit, we’ll reach out about next steps.

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