Nicole Turney

Nicole Turney

Director of Philanthropy

Nicole is dedicated to supporting organizational growth through strategic philanthropy and senior-level engagement. She has advised on investments as diverse as international development and mental health for UNICEF, The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales, and many others. She earned her MA from University College London in International Economy, State and Society, where she researched the pivotal role of teachers in media education in the Czech Republic. She also served in AmeriCorps and holds two BA degrees in Politics and Film and Digital Media from UCSC.

As Director of Philanthropy, Nicole drives TalkingPoints’ impact by expanding philanthropic support for low-income, underserved families. As a first-generation college student from a similar background, she is committed to advocating for equity in the education system and actively seeks partnerships with philanthropists and funders aiming to bring about transformational change.

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