Kate Pechacek

Kate Pechacek

Head of Impact Strategy

Kate has over 25 years experience in education. She taught secondary math for 15 years in Iowa, Oregon, Texas, and Minnesota along with about 10 years of experience working at the district level in curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development and MTSS. Her most recent role prior to moving to ed tech was as Director of Secondary Ed for Minneapolis Public Schools. She spent almost 6 years supporting districts in leveraging ed tech solutions to support equitable outcomes for students, prior to joining TalkingPoints.

At TalkingPoints Kate leads the Impact team in supporting school and district partners to ensure they are able to leverage the TalkingPoints solution with impact. Kate earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and worked with the developers of an equity-based Learning Supports model developed out of the UCLA School Mental Health Project. She is driven to ensure schools move toward an equity-focused, asset-based approach for all students.

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