Partner success stories

Learn how teachers are using TalkingPoints to connect with families outside the classroom, across language barriers, and much more.

TalkingPoints improves course proficiency 7-12%; lowers absenteeism rates by 15% in large, urban district

TalkingPoints improved test scores, equating to an additional 7 months of learning in a large, urban district, with even greater impact for underserved students.

TalkingPoints is "game-changer" in Elk Grove Unified School District, CA

Teachers in California’s fifth-largest district succeeded in engaging previously unreachable families to show up for meetings and conferences during the pandemic…

TalkingPoints increases event responses by 175%: Independence High School, Charlotte, NC

In just six months, administrators, teachers, and families sent over 120,000 messages. Principal David Legrand nearly tripled response to a food giveaway event…