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We are so excited to announce the availability of our latest feature making TalkingPoints more accessible than ever before.

TalkingPoints translated video captioning makes it super easy for teachers to record and send video messages in over 100 languages. This new feature was designed specifically to further our mission of connecting educators and families–particularly those that are hardest to reach–and fosters a  more effective home-school connection to fuel student success. Read the full release below. 

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New feature expands options to foster better, more personalized, more effective
school-parent communication and collaboration to fuel student success

February 24, 2021, San Francisco, California — Today, education technology nonprofit
TalkingPoints announced that it has launched a new video translation feature designed to facilitate more effective communication between teachers and families–in more than 100 different languages — delivered to mobile devices via text message. TalkingPoints translated video caption feature was specifically designed to further the organization’s mission to connect educators and families–particularly those in under-resourced and multilingual communities–in support of student success.

TalkingPoints translated video captioning makes it easy for teachers to record and send
messages and for parents to view and respond. Teachers simply record a video message in the TalkingPoints app and send. Families can then view and read along in their own home languages, making TalkingPoints more accessible than ever before.

“TalkingPoints mission is to facilitate stronger connections between teachers and parents to make a positive impact on student success. We know that video messaging is an increasingly popular and effective way for teachers to share information with
parents–particularly those that may be the hardest to reach– and helps them build more meaningful connections, so it was natural to add translatable video captioning to
TalkingPoints,” said Heejae Lim, Founder and CEO of TalkingPoints.

The school-home connection is more important than ever and TalkingPoints helps fuel
those relationships by removing language barriers and:

  • Powering consistent engagement with families: With TalkingPoints, teachers
    don’t have to wait for school or district translators to communicate with parents.
  • Enabling teachers to meet families where they are: One in four students in U.S.
    public schools speak a language other than English at home, and many families are most comfortable communicating via text. TalkingPoints makes it easier for both teachers and family members to connect quickly and effectively across language and technology barriers
  • Encouraging collaboration and community: Research shows that family
    engagement plays a critical role in student success, yet many families — particularly those in under-resourced areas — may be at a disadvantage due to language barriers, internet access and time constraints. TalkingPoints removes those barriers so families can engage in a manner that works best for them.

TalkingPoints is free to all teachers and families. Visit www.talkingpts.org for more information.

About TalkingPoints

Founded to help teachers connect with families–particularly those of under-resourced and non-English speaking backgrounds, TalkingPoints multilingual platform uses human and AI-powered, two-way translated communication to deliver information and personalized content in more than 100 languages–via web and mobile apps and through text messages. The platform also delivers scaffolded, guided content and eliminates language barriers, fostering strong collaboration to improve students’ academic success. TalkingPoints currently serves more than 3 million teachers and families across the country.


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