Author: Gabriel

TalkingPoints – WestEd Study Report: TalkingPoints Increases Parent Engagement for Student Success

Strong parent-teacher partnerships are key to supporting students’ success in the classroom. When teachers and parents are in regular communication about students’ needs, progress and successes, students feel supported, motivated to try their best and do significantly better in school. A study by Westat and Policy Studies Associates for the U.S. Department of Education has […]

Sending Positive Messages Home Improves Student & Parent Engagement

Last year, Ms. Eganhouse was an elementary school teacher and building technology specialist in Des Moines, Iowa. She had heard about TalkingPoints from her graduate school course on building strong school communities and decided to try it out, because around 40% of her students’ families don’t speak English at home. In this blog post, Ms. […]

Building New Partnerships with Parents through TalkingPoints

Ms. Rufenacht is an ESOL teacher in Fayette County, Georgia. She had learned about TalkingPoints from her district’s ESOL department last fall and has actively used it to communicate and build partnerships with her students’ parents, regardless of the languages they speak. Ms. Rufenacht shares about the positive impact TalkingPoints has had on her, her students […]

TalkingPoints is Immediately Effective and Easy to Use

Ms. Cardenas is a middle school ESL teacher from Knoxville, Tennessee. She had learned about TalkingPoints from another teacher at her school who had just started using it for parent communication.  She set up her class and sent a few messages to her students’ families and saw the impact it had on her students immediately. […]

Reach Parents You Haven’t Been Able to Before

Ms. Monks is an ENL teacher for grades 1-6 in Oceanside, NY. She heard about TalkingPoints through an email from a co-worker who had started using it. This was right before parent-teacher conferences, so Ms. Monks set up her account and told her parents about the new text messaging program during conferences. She showed them sample messages on her […]

Mr. Brinson’s Daily TalkingPoints Routine

Mr. Brinson teaches 2nd grade in Oakland, California. He learned about TalkingPoints from his school and decided to give it a try. He used to use emails to communicate with his parents, but now he uses TalkingPoints to send parents messages almost daily. Parents have been responsive to his text messages about daily homework assignments, […]