TalkingPoints | We help teachers meaningfully connect with parents and students through multilingual text messages
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Empowering teachers and families

TalkingPoints’ multilingual texting platform easily connects teachers and families through text messages.
Accessible Technology

Accessible Technology

Teachers use a web-browser or mobile, parents use a basic mobile phone.

Multilingual Platform

No Language Barriers

You can now interact with any parent regardless of language – you text in English, parents text back in their own language.

Meaningful Engagement

Meaningful Engagement

Content and analytics support for teachers to provide engaging, helpful, and relevant information for parents.

Free for teachers

Free for Teachers

TalkingPoints is free for teachers.

How it works

TalkingPoints - How It Works Diagram

*TalkingPoints translation is available in 20+ languages

Albanian, Arabic, Burmese (Karen), Cambodian (Khmer), Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin), Chinese (Traditional/Cantonese), English, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Korean, Nepali, Persian (Farsi), Russian, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese

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Send messages in English, automatically translated into multiple languages.


Manage sent/received messages like an email inbox.


Measure engagement and gather feedback on best practices.


Share teacher generated, data-proven content with families.

Are you a school administrator?

Learn about TalkingPoints for Schools.

Teachers and families on TalkingPoints

“I would definitely recommend it to other teachers because I want to do everything I can so I reach the parents who I cannot normally reach.”

TalkingPoints Teacher

“I believe he likes discussing school work with me/his dad. We can be more involved despite not being able to help out at school.”

TalkingPoints Parent

“TalkingPoints gets to the bulls-eye of parent engagement, which is academic socialization, applying what’s learnt at school to the home.”

Parent Engagement Coordinator


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