How parent engagement is directly linked to student outcomes and what we’re doing about it.

Parent engagement can be 2x effective as predicting a student's academic success as the family's socioeconomic status. No surprise with student spending 70% outside school

Parent engagement is shown to drive...

Attendance - School Bus
Homework Assignment - Books
Homework assignment
Student engagement - Student studying
Student engagement

But in low-income communities, parent engagement is lower by as much as 50% due to…

Technological barriers: School information is being communicated via internet, but 48% of families don’t have internet access

Socioeconomic barriers: 1 in 5 students are born to immigrant parents, many of them who don’t speak English and did not go to school in the US

Other common barriers: Time, education, perception and bias about families and schools


Our Mission

To meaningfully connect teachers and families by meeting them where they are, without language barriers, through accessible technology.

Our Solution

To make parent engagement easier for low-income and diverse families by:

1. Enabling communication across tech and language barriers via texting platform with two-way translation

2. Working with and coaching teachers on what effective parent engagement and communication looks like

3. Nudging parents and teachers to communicate on meaningful content that builds relationships

Our Impact So Far


Teacher & white board

98% were able to reach parents they haven’t been able to before.

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99% have been able to build stronger relationships with their students’ families.

student studying

81% have seen positive changes in their students' behavior or performance in class.



90% say they feel more included in the school community.


90% of parents say they feel more informed about what is happening in school and communicate with the school if they have any questions.

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85% of parents say they are having more conversations about school with their child at home.

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