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Empowering teachers and families

Family Role

Students spend 70% of their time outside classrooms – so the role that and their families play in their development is crucial.

Parent Engagement

We know that parent engagement can hugely and positively impact grades, attendance, behavior, character-building of students to boost achievement.

Academic Success

Studies have shown it can be twice as effective at predicting a student’s academic success compared to the family’s socioeconomic status.


accessible for everyone

It’s accessible for everyone – 90% of K-12 parents have mobile phones, while only 40% of Title 1 K-12 parents have ready access to data.

quick and cheap

It’s quick and cheap for everyone to use, and often free for families to send/receive.

read within 15 mins

SMS are read within 15 mins, compared to 2-3hrs for emails.

Why Translation?

accessible for everyone

It’s accessible for everyone – even families who do not fluently speak English can communicate with teachers.

English as Second Language

20%+ of K-12 students are English as Second Language learners this will grow to 40% by 2030.

speak a language other than English

In California, 43% of public school students speak a language other than English at home.